The Sparkle We Are Searching For
Sizable markets
We invest in startups with sizable markets, that are struggling to generate high fund-level returns, yet valued as capital-efficient businesses that have the ability to generate significant cash flow and revenue.
Bold entrepreneurs
Our aim it to invest in outstanding entrepreneurs with bold ideas that can transform industries and support their journey from inception to exit.
Universal solutions
We invest in the solutions that have the potential to scale up and cut across borders, as humanity progresses towards a globally interconnected society.
Our Values
entrepreneurial approach
As serial entrepreneurs, we have a profound understanding of the startup landscape, compounded by our powerful network of international contacts in Silicon Valley and beyond.
We believe that transparency is an essential foundation for fruitful partnerships. Our experience has taught us that clear and direct communications foster stronger relationships, and open channels bring people closer.
Zero tolerance to inequality
We don’t tolerate inequality or exploitation in any form and refuse to support organizations based on unfair treatment.
For every
of Graphene's investment
a new job is created.
Investment team with 50 years+ of operational experience in CEO, CFO and VC Funds roles is a combination that gives us leverage to spot unique teams and innovative companies.
André Servaes
André ServaesChief of Staff
Maryam Albassam
Maryam AlbassamPrincipal
Nabil Borhanu
Nabil BorhanuFounder & Managing Partner
Nora Alkadi
Nora AlkadiPartner
Leo Fonseca
Leo FonsecaSr. Principal